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WWW.PCWORLD.LK is the Sri Lanka's No 01 and best Computer science E-Magazine website since 2012.

The website provide computer science and information technology information via Articles, Images, Videos and more in verity of categories such as, Computers, Phones, Security, Games and Electrical. Website authors published lessons about most of the computer science and other current trending subject maters in "How to" section. This website also provide psychological positive thinking and personality development lessons in "How to" section.

WWW.PCWORLD.LK Website provide its contents in all major languages used in Sri Lanka. Which is Sinhala, Tamil and English. Uses of PCWORLD.LK can use any internet enabled device to access PCWORLD.LK website information.

If users are not connected to internet, uses can subscribe to PCWORLD SMS Alerts service to receive PCWORLD website news alert via SMS. PCWORLD SMS Alerts service support all major SMS providers in Sri Lanka. Such as Dialog, Hutch, Mobitel and Etisalat services. Users can subscribe to PCWORLD SMS Alert service by using following methods.

Registration/Subscribing Method To PCWORLD SMS Alerts Service Via SMS

Dialog, Airtel and Hutch users can SEND  "REG <Space> PCWORLD To 77177"

Mobitel users can SEND SEND                   "REG <Space> PCWORLD To 2244"

Etisalat users can SEND SEND                   "REG <Space> PCWORLD To 4499"

This SMS alerts service will charge Rs 30 + Tax per Month from your SIM card.

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