Route 66 - Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Extension for Joomla Websites

Route 66 is developed by a company called “Firecoders”.

Route 66 Joomla extensions will help your Joomla websites to have great Search engine friendly also known as SEF URLs, SEO content analysis by Yoast, Google Lighthouse / Page Speed optimization, Facebook Instant Articles, and XML Sitemaps so that your Joomla websites can appear in 1st result page of the most popular search engines likes Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

Route 66 help you to define your site SEF URLs using patterns

Route 66 allows you to define your site SEF URLs using patterns and not be restricted by limited URL options! Patterns can include any URL friendly character along with some tokens for generating dynamic variables (like the article's date for example). Here are some examples of URL patterns you can use in Route 66:






It's that simple to add SEF URLs to your site with Route 66. Check out the documentation to see a list of all available tokens for the extensions that Route 66 supports. Last but not least, Route 66 allows you to define different patterns per language when multiple languages are enabled on your site.

SEO Content Analysis Powered by Yoast

Route 66 can analyze your site's content and provide suggestions for improving the SEO score of individual articles right into the article edit form! The SEO analysis is powered by the famous Yoast SEO engine.

Exceptional performance

Unlike bulky SEF extensions that can store thousands of URLs to your site's database, Route 66 offers dynamic and high-performance URL generation. In short, Route 66 will not impact your website’s performance.

Duplicate URLs handling - Canonical Links

If Route 66 detects any duplicate URLs it will redirect to the canonical URL automatically. Let's say for example that you have an article with ID 9 and alias "have-a-nice-day”. Let's also assume that you have set up Route 66 using the pattern story/{articleAlias}. The generated URL will be story/have-a-nice-day . URLs like the following which lead to the same article will get redirected to story/have-a-nice-day:




For optimal SEO, Route 66 automatically adds the canonical url to the page header. This is especially important when pages utilize query and/or anchor variables appended to the URL (story/have-a-nice-day?modal=welcome ).

Route 66 SEF URLs are implemented for the core Joomla! content extensions (articles, categories, and tags).

Google Lighthouse/ Page Speed Optimization

Route 66 now can optimize your site to achieve a high score at Google Lighthouse/Page Speed! Route 66 follows the Google Lighthouse/ Page Speed recommendations to make your Joomla site get ranked high by Google. Since version 1.7.0 Route 66 can lazily load images and iframes of your Joomla site!

Facebook Instant Articles

Route 66 now supports Facebook Instant Articles! It allows you to generate a feed of Facebook Instant Articles based on your site's content. You can also filter the feed articles based on categories. Finally, Route 66 comes with built-in integration for Google Analytics and Google DFP!

XML and Google News Sitemaps

Make it easier for Google and other search engines to discover your site content with XML sitemaps. Route 66 can generate those sitemaps for you! It allows you to filter the sitemap content based on categories. The sitemap can include entries from Joomla! articles and Menu items.

This Joomla Extension is free for basic usage with Joomla native articles, but if you need to use this great extension with features likes K2 contents, then you need to purchase the pro version of it.

Visit the below link to download or purchase this great Joomla Extension;


Watch the bellow short video tutorial to learn more.

Thank you very much for reading this article and stay tuned for more.

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