Psychology and Personality Developments Lessons

Psychology and Personality Developments Lessons (49)

Be Positive


Micro Expression Cards is a wonderful and incredibly devious piece of mind reading. It is versatile in the sense that you can perform it in just 60 seconds – but it is sufficiently powerful and impressive to be the centerpiece of a full 10 minutes mini-set.


This is a great little effect that I use a lot when I’m out and about. It’s perfect for close-up situations at bars, parties, and clubs or just out in the street.

Raven's Progressive Matrices (often referred to simply as Raven's Matrices) or RPM, is a nonverbal group test typically used in educational settings.

Are you in a place where you can't make any decision due to this Corona pandemic? Then you must watch this short video clip. I'm very sure that this will change your mindset.


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Though I never had a “near death” experience, there was a time when I thought it might be the end.

මුලින්ම මේ වීඩියෝ එක හොඳින් නරඹන්න. මෙවැනි පැහැදිලි කිරීම තවත් කියවීමට ඔබ කැමති නම් අදම වෙත පිවිසෙන්න.

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