Twitter going to launch a subscription service called Twitter Blue, and it cost us $2.99 per month

twitter blue new subscription service twitter blue new subscription service Hindustan Times

An upcoming subscription service from Twitter will be called Twitter Blue and cost the US $ 2.99 per month, advisor “Jane Manchun Wong” tweeted on Saturday.


In early May 2021, a technology blog spoke about an upcoming Twitter subscription offering and Twitter acquisition of ad blocker Scroll.


Jane Manchun Wong also whispered the service could have a tier-up pricing model, with users who pay more getting more features, and she said one of those features will be Groups, which will let you save favorite tweets in groups so you can locate them later.


It's uncertain when Twitter's subscription service will roll out, but the company has verified features like “Undoing tweets”, a charge-to-use “Dashboard app Tweetdeck”, and “Super Follows”, which would let you shadow a creator or publisher for a monthly subscription fee and get private content.


There's correspondingly the “Scroll technology”, which could offer Twitter users an “Ad-free tweet-perusing” experience.


But, at the moment Twitter declined to comment on the Twitter Blue news on Saturday.


Source: c|net and Microsoft News

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