How to Find Data Entry Jobs in Sri Lanka ( Part Time / Full Time )

People looking for data entry jobs in Sri Lanka can be divided into two categories.

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People looking for permanent data entry job positions ( offline data entry jobs ) and people looking for online data entry jobs to do in their free time or as a part time job. I’ll try to cover both online and offline data entry job opportunities in this article. Also I’m hoping to create list of websites and companies that offer data entry jobs so make sure to bookmark the article and come back often.

There are so many scam sites offering date entry jobs that finding a legitimate one is like finding a needle in a haystack. I frequently get mails from people inquiring about the legitimacy of sites and almost all of the time they are scam sites looking to make some easy money at your expense. Just goes to show that it’s very difficult to find genuine data entry job opportunities.

There are few ways these scam companies work. One method is offering free registration on their sites and then asking you to pay for data entry operating opportunities. Once you pay, usually around $50 ( Rs. 6000 ) then you’re given a list of sites that you can register to find data entry jobs. These are sites that you can find yourself by searching on the Internet and these sites have very limited job opportunities as well. So you end up paying for a list you can easily find on the Internet.

Why they ask you to register for free is because then they can constantly send you emails about fake success stories etc. and emotionally trick you to make a payment.

The other method is straightaway asking for money for the list. Here also it costs around Rs. 6000. No nagging mails from these guys and most will disappear after few people start complaining about them. You’ll very very rarely come across a site that offers data entry jobs without registration fees.

If you’re looking for online data entry jobs without investment it’s always a good idea to go through third party websites like ODesk, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour. This ensures that you get paid for your work and you don’t have to spend money to get data entry jobs.

Finding Online Data Entry Jobs

First of all I have to mention that I’m not a big fan of data entry jobs. The pay is quite low unless it’s a specialized field like medical data entry. I prefer passive income opportunities like blogging and affiliate marketing. But I understand that sometimes you need these jobs to get through university or to make some cash in your spare time. I have listed down few third party sites where you can find data entry jobs for free.

  • PeoplePerHour – I really like the interface of this website and there are quite a few data entry opportunities available as well. As with any freelancing sites you need to build up reputation to get decent jobs. This is especially important in a niche like data entry where competition is fierce. There are many other jobs other than data entry jobs available as well. Register for PeoplePerHour >> .
  • ODesk – Another website that offer data entry jobs free of charge. In this website once you bid 10% more will be added to your bid and will be charged from the job provider so you want lose any money as a commission. This site is also targeted towards freelancers so if you have expertise in other areas you will find yourself with more opportunities. Join ODesk For Free >> .
  • – As the name suggests this is website dedicated to freelance work but they have data entry job openings as well. It is free to join and you only have to pay a commission when you are getting paid so you are guaranteed money. If you have skills in writing or doing various programming stuff then there are lots more opportunities for you as well. Join Freelancer for free >>.

If you’re looking for part time data entry jobs then these are probably the best places you can try. These are mostly referred as freelance date entry job opportunities. Freelance in the sense that you can pick your jobs, when to finish them etc.These are suitable for university students, stay at home moms or housewives because of the flexibility they offer. Keep in mind though doing an odd job here and there wont make you much money.

Qualifying for Online Data Entry Jobs

As I mentioned before data entry is a highly competitive niche. Because the competition is so high the payout is also very low. The following basic skill are essential for you to have any chance of obtaining a data entry job.

  • Good English – You don’t need to be fluent, but you should have a good working knowledge of English. Without these you have zero chance of obtaining online data entry work.
  • Attention to Details – Most data entry work requires going through documents/websites and gathering information found in those document. Needless to say attention to details is critical in such cases.
  • Good Typing Speed – Your entering data, so faster you can type more money you can make. Some jobs require a certain typing speed just to qualify for the job.

If you’re lacking in any of the above areas there are free courses etc to improve those skills. Do not lie about these things when your bidding/applying for jobs. Most data entry jobs have preliminary tests before accepting and you’re sure to be found out in these tests.

Bidding for Jobs in Freelance Sites

Above I have listed down three freelancing websites to find data entry jobs. Because the competition is fierce many bid for those data entry projects. If you’re just starting out here are few things you should to do maximize your chances of getting the job.

  • Complete the profile – An absolute must in this competitive niche. Make sure to add your profile picture and previous work experience. Most freelancer sites indicate your profile completeness as a percentage. Try to make it 100% or as high as possible.
  • Bid Low – When you’re just starting out you don’t have any reputation or ranking. So to get attention and have a chance of getting the job you need to bid low. After you complete the job and get a good ranking you can go for higher bids.
  • Get Certified – Not all freelancing sites have this options, but some like ODesk have their own testing methods to validate the qualifications of freelancers. Try to finish most of these exams to increase your chance of winning jobs.

Permanent Data Entry Job Positions in Sri Lanka

Up to now I mostly talked about how to find online data entry jobs in Sri Lanka. But there are few data entry job companies in Sri Lanka that have been there for a while. And almost any company maintain some sort of data so there’s always the need for data entry operators. They might not advertise them as such because it doesn’t sound sexy but they are still data entry jobs.

  • Newspapers – Although online job portals has been around for some time, newspapers still carry many job vacancy applications. Go to your local library in the weekend and go through all the papers. You’re more than likely to find few data entry job openings. As I mentioned above they might not advertise them as data entry jobs. For example it could be listed as office assistant. So make sure to read through the job descriptions if they are mentioned.
  • – This site had quite a few data entry job positions last time I checked. Go through the advertisements and apply if your qualifications match the requirements. Better have a CV ready if your going to use these sites. Keep in mind that a good CV can make a world of difference. Search online and find a good template and make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors in your CV.
  • – Probably the most famous job portal in Sri Lanka. This also had quite a few data entry job openings. Offers more options than other sites so make sure to upload a CV to this one as well.

Any Questions About Data Entry Jobs in Sri Lanka

Hopefully this detailed guide will clear you doubts about data entry jobs in Sri Lanka. If you have question that isn’t covered above you can ask me using the comments or by sending a message through the contact form above. Please do not comment or mail me asking for data entry jobs because I don’t provide any.

As I said before I’m not a big fan of data entry jobs. Whether you’re a work at home mom, looking for home based job or university student looking for part time work I always advise you to look for other methods to make money online.

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Source: Nishadha Silva-Internet Marketing Specialist with more than five years experience in SEO, Social Media, Conversion 

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