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Watch TV Channels from Anywhere in The World Using VLC Player and Free IPTV Servers

I know after reading this article title, you will think that this a scam.

But it is not. I have tested this with my own and it works fine with my VLC player. This wonderful free IPTV service is providing by https://freeiptvserver.com/free-iptv/ website. You should visit this website and you can learn more about this service.

This is how you should do this.


1. You need to have VLC Media Player like video streaming media player installed into your computer. (You can download VLC Player from this official website link: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html)

2. An Internet connection

That's all.

Step 01: Go to https://freeiptvserver.com website and find an article related to TV channels you want to watch. In my case, I want to watch TV channels in the United States. So I have found the following article.

USA IPTV Channels details link: https://freeiptvserver.com/category/iptv-usa-free

Step 02: Then select the most recent FREE IP TV Channel list. Today is 20-04-2020 so I have selected the following link:


Step 3: Just follow the instructions on this page and then you will be able to watch those TV channels using your VLC Media Player.

In my case, I have downloaded one of the M3U Playlist files and open with it VLC player.

Please note that you need to select the "One file repeating loop"  button in VLC player to watch the selected channel continually. Otherwise VLC player will go to the next channel on the list after playing one channel for nearly 10 seconds.

Watch The Video Tutorial

Enjoy your watching!

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