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This is how I watch Dialog TV for Free

In Sri Lanka, everyone knows that Dialog TV Service has more TV channels with good quality and newest technology in the field rather than other TV channel service providers.

So as its quality is high, monthly service rental is too rather than other service providers in the country.

So, I have search a way to reduce the cost and have most of the Dialog TV services as much as possible.

After some research in the Dialog.lk website and little bit of experiments with my Computer I have learned a great way to watch Dialog TV for the lowest cost via Internet but without any Data charges.
That mean you can watch Dialog TV via your internet connection but without giving money for Data streaming for your TV watching.

To do this you need to have following requirements;

If you want to find more information about this Dialog My TV service you can always go to https://www.dialog.lk/mobile-entertainment-mytv/ 

You can also do this with your Smart phone. To do that you need to install Dialog MY TV App in to your Phone.

Use following method to activate this in your mobile

Type MYTV and send to 678
Once the SMS is sent, customers will receive a SMS with a link which allows the option to either download the mobile application (available for compatible phones only) or to subscribe and watch via a mobile web interface (available for compatible phones only)

These are the free channels you can watch and you can watch other channels according to your need.

  1. Al Jazeera
  2. Channel C
  3. Revision TV
  4. Buddhist TV
  5. Peace TV
  6. Learn TV

And remember you can see that your Internet dongle use lot of data to download TV shows. But it’s totally FREE.

I hope you like what I taught today. Please take time to add your comment using commenting facility bellow.

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