Dinusha Weththasinghe – The Sparkling Radio Personality

Dinusha Wetthasinghe is a popular enchanting Sri Lankan Radio Presenter, Program Compare, Announcer, Program Producer, Broadcaster, and a Newsreader, of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

These expressions of eulogy thus are a tribute for all éclat and decorum she has added to programs on Sinhala Commercial Service of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in contemporary times.  

Dinusha Wetthasinghe’s Modus Operandi is of multiple nuances. Her projections as a Radio Presenter, Program Compare, Announcer, Program Producer, Broadcaster, and a Newsreader, are incapable of being matched, equaled, or rivaled.

Her sensational voice modulations, wisdom-filled thoughts, high spirited eloquence, sparkling orations, refined word arrangements, cordiality, are rejuvenations and energizers for listeners.

Her narrations are artistic and full of insights. Thus, Dinusha Weththasinghe’s program modules are manifestations of her erudition.        

Dinusha is tender in speech, solemn in news bulletins, affectionate in dialog delivery, philosophical in rationalization and reflections. Thus, they inspire listeners all the time. Her techniques of communiqués are appealing and hypnotic, and fashionable. Dinusha’s presentation style is classical, impressive, and prestigious. Her intuitions are original and reflexive. Dinusha Weththasinghe’s song selection in programs must be mentioned here. They are memorable, melodious, nice, popular, and enchanting. Her commentaries on songs highlight and amplify the creations’ literal sense and the sentiments of the lyricists and rhymesters. The matching sequence of them on specific themes is beautiful. Dinusha Weththasinge’s comfy tone variations bring limelight to her programs.

Dinusha Weththasinghe is one of the superlative radio personalities of the modern age. Her method is to put listeners at ease first and to approach them next with her mode of communication in a language and style more appealing and attractive. Dinusha Weththasinghe is mastery in sharing her expertise on any hypothesis and phenomenon to suit contexts. Thus, she speaks of values in volumes.   

She has won enormous praise from radio fans all over for her school of thought. Dinusha Weththasinghe is a model to be followed by all budding presenters, comperes, announcers, on media.       

Dinusha Weththasinghe is ranked with versatile veteran popular radio presenters in Sri Lanka. Her enthusiastic listeners, fans, and followers, enjoy her programs on-air with reverence and love.  


Written by Anton Narangoda

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