New Sri Lanka Transition Guidelines 2022 - Please let me know your thoughts

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Dear All Readers! This is your time to serve your nation.


If you think the following will help, please circulate this to as many people as possible and encourage them to get to responsible people in Sri Lanka. This was written by Raj Retnanadan of Calgary, Canada.  I support this.


Here are some thoughts on how to help Sri Lanka transition from its present circumstances (maybe too idealistic and if so please let me know). The current situation in Sri Lanka could descend into anarchy and chaos if not managed promptly and properly. On the other hand, the present hardships could serve as the launching pad for unparalleled economic prosperity and quality of life, through good governance and stewardship of the economy. Here are some guidelines for consideration.


Restore Law and Order:

  • The Prime Minister must immediately step in to enforce Law and Order in the Country with the help of the armed forces

Steering Committee:

  • A Committee of 10 persons must be chosen by the Prime Minister to serve as an interim Steering Committee-some could be elected representatives, others could be unelected persons chosen purely on the basis of their ability to carry out the mandate of the Steering Committee
  • The Committee should be appointed on the basis of their abilities rather than on the basis of representation of any ethnic group or religion
  • The Steering Committee’s primary purpose would be to provide good governance during a transition period prior to general elections;
  • The Steering Committee will establish a scheduled date for elections to be held no later than 6 months
  • The Steering Committee would be tasked with developing a process that would help restore confidence in the country and the economy; the process steps must be developed and published within a week of being appointed so that there is predictability as to what actions they will be taking to fulfill their mandate
  • The Steering Committee’s process steps must include securing necessary resources through the IMF and other multilateral donors for fuel imports and for economic activity to be restored, as well as address the disruption to education and social life caused by the crisis
  • The Steering Committee should not waste its energy and efforts dealing with past injustices and theft of money-these issues must be left to the new Parliament when it is in place

New Parliament:

  • Establish a Constituent Assembly to Modernize the Country’s Constitution
  • Constitutional change must enshrine the separation of powers (Legislature, Judiciary, and Executive), freedom of the press, fundamental rights of all Citizens, and separation of state from religion

 Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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