Love and Money in Valentines' Day

Love and Money Love and Money KDKTEC

My valentine's day wishes for those who like both love and money!

Greetings, My Dear Friends!
I have something to discuss with you all! So if one of you has some free time, just join me in this small chat about money and love.
Why would anyone love money?
That does not make sense.
Money is a tool.
Do you love your hammer?
Your hairdryer?
Your pencil?
You love what it does for you.
I don’t love money, I love the freedom it gives me.
I love the health it helps provide.
I love the help my money can provide to others.
I don’t love money.
I love the good I can do with my money.
So when you had some free time let me know your thoughts about this matter using the comments option.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
The idea was gained from Robert T Kiyosakis' blog.
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