Discovering a New Era of Search: The Power of MS Edge & Bing with OpenAI Chatting Features

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PC World Online Magazine has just learned about the newest addition to Microsoft's search engine, Bing, and the newest version of its web browser, Microsoft Edge.

With this upgrade, Bing is more like having a personal research assistant and creative partner right at your fingertips whenever you search the web.

One of the key features of the new Bing is the ability to ask complex questions and receive detailed responses. Bing is able to look at search results across the web and summarize them to provide the user with a specific answer. Additionally, Bing can also be used as a creative tool to help users generate ideas, write poems, or create stories.

Bing is also different from a regular search engine in that it provides users with a summarized response, consolidating reliable sources from across the web. Users can also interact with Bing through chat, asking follow-up questions to their initial search to receive personalized responses.

To get the best results from Bing, Microsoft suggests users ask questions as if they were talking to a person, including details and asking for clarification or more information. Additionally, users can also ask directly for tips on how to interact with Bing, or for information about its capabilities and limitations.

Bing is powered by AI, which means that it is constantly learning and improving. Microsoft is committed to responsible AI and is working with OpenAI to ensure that Bing is being developed in accordance with AI principles. The company has also implemented a safety system to prevent misuse and will be taking user feedback to continuously improve the tool.

If users encounter unexpected or offensive content while using Bing, they can provide feedback or report a concern by opening the menu at the top right corner of the response and clicking the flag icon. They can also use the feedback button at the bottom right of every Bing page.

Bing's AI-generated responses are not always guaranteed to be factual, as AI can make mistakes, and third-party content on the internet may not always be accurate or reliable. Users are encouraged to use their own judgment and double-check the facts before making decisions or taking action based on Bing's responses.

To access the new Bing, users can request access through the Microsoft Edge browser. With the integration of Bing and Microsoft Edge, users can now have an even more efficient and seamless web browsing experience, with a personal research assistant and creative partner always at their side.

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