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Bing AI chat is a feature that lets you interact with Bing in a natural and conversational way. You can ask Bing complex questions, perform different tasks, and get answers that are current, cited, and conversational. Bing AI chat is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, a large language model that can generate coherent and diverse texts.

Bing AI chat was launched in a limited preview in February 2023, and since then it has received tremendous customer adoption, engagement, and feedback. In just 90 days, customers have engaged in over half a billion chats, using chat features to get summarized answers, create images, and more².

Now, Microsoft has announced that Bing AI chat is moving to the next generation and is now in open preview, meaning anyone can use it without a waitlist². You just need to use the Microsoft Edge browser and sign in with a Microsoft account.

What are the new features of Bing AI chat?

Bing AI chat is not just text-based anymore. It can now provide rich image and video answers, as well as charts and graphs for numeric information². For example, you can ask Bing to show you a picture of a dragon or a video of how nuclear fusion works.

You can also use Bing Image Creator to generate your own images within the chat. For example, you can ask Bing to draw you a logo or a cartoon character. Bing Image Creator is available in all languages².

Another new feature is the ability to upload or paste images into the chat and use them to look up information. This is called multimodal chat and it will be available soon². For example, you can upload a photo of a plant and ask Bing what it is or how to take care of it.

How can I use Bing AI chat more effectively?

Bing AI chat is integrated with the Edge sidebar, which makes it easier to access and use. You can start a chat from any web page by clicking on the chat icon in the top right corner of the browser. You can also use the sidebar to search for information related to the web page you are viewing³.

The Edge sidebar also stores the history of your previous chats with Bing AI chat. You can go back and review the answers or ask more questions in the same context². For example, you can ask Bing to explain something you read on a web page or get more details about a topic.

Bing AI chat also supports persistent chats within Edge. This means you can continue your conversation with Bing across different tabs or windows without losing context². For example, you can ask Bing to help you plan a trip or book a flight while browsing different travel sites.

What's next for Bing AI chat?

Microsoft is working on opening up Bing AI chat to developers and third parties who want to build on top of it and help people take action on their queries and complete tasks². For example, you could ask Bing to order pizza or send an email and it would connect you with the relevant service or app.

Microsoft is also looking at how to use the context of your previous conversations with Bing AI chat to make it more relevant and personalized for you³. For example, Bing could remember what you are interested in or what you have searched for before and use that information to provide better suggestions or recommendations.

Bing AI chat is still in preview and Microsoft is constantly improving it based on customer feedback and data. You can try it out today by using Edge and signing in with your Microsoft account. You can also share your feedback with Microsoft by clicking on the feedback button in the bottom right corner of the chat window.

What do Microsoft executives say about Bing AI chat?

Microsoft executives are very enthusiastic about Bing AI chat and its potential to transform the way people find information and complete tasks. Here are some quotes from them:

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer: "We launched the new Bing to bring you better search results, answers to your questions, the ability to create and compose, and with a new level of ease of use by being able to chat in natural language. This next generation of Bing is defined by: Opening up Bing to more people by moving from Limited Preview to Open Preview Moving from text-only search & chat to one that is incredibly more visual; Moving from single-use chat/search sessions to multi-session productivity experiences Opening up the platform

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