Muthu Tharanga is a suave charming Sri Lankan actress, songstress, dancer, and model.

She has been critically acclaimed for starring in Sinhala movies, tele vision dramas, music videos, vocal sensations, modeling projections, and commercial endorsements.

Articles, interviews, reviews, have been published about famed superstar Muthu Tharanga, since her emergence as a renowned artiste. Thus let this concise write-up also be a tribute to her, along with other forums, for her impeccable contribution to Sri Lankan music, cinema, and television dramas.        

Muthu Thranga hails from Colombo Sri Lanka. She received her school education from the Roman Catholic School in Kadawatha and then from Holly Family Convent at Kerimatiyagara in Sri Lanka. 

At the completion of her studies in school, Muthu Tharanga was inspired to train herself in dancing and music, especially in the area of vocals.

Thus, she joined the Dance Academy of Maestro Channa Wejewardena, as a novice, to master herself in dancing, and then the School of Thought, led by musician, Siril Nandasiri to train herself in vocals. Mastered as an ever promising dancer and a melodious songstress under the blessings of her gurus, Muthu Tharanga stepped into the art of modeling with her beauty acmes.

Muthu Tharanga was spotted, star material and was offered roles in a sequence of films and television dramas to feature in, where she became the focus of attraction. Thus, she has featured in many films and television dramas of different genres with pivotal roles for which she had acclaimed rave reviews.

Television Reality Shows are a competitive component in present-day Sri Lanka. They are diverse in style and outlooks. Hiru Mega Stars I and II were such extravaganzas presented by Hiru Television Networks to recall. Hiru Mega Stars I became very popular among television fans because of its innovations and superfluities.

The competition had five teams with reminiscent titles. ‘Ravans’, headed by popular stardom, Suraj Mapa, was one of the advanced teams with conceptions of excellence. Ravans was a group of seven mega stars in the fields of Sri Lankan film, television drama, and music and stage drama. Artistes performed on stage through multidimensional items with infusions of singing, dancing and acting modules in a series of exciting events. Sensational actress and singer Muthu Thranga’s presentations on Hiru Mega Stars I and II stages captivated all viewers with emotional dynamisms.

Muthu Tharanga had featured in many music videos, which had reached heights of popularity. ‘Lanwuna Lanwuna Sundara Kale’, sung by herself, and ‘Wedi Warusa’ are such two visuals for citation here.

Muthu Tharanga’s screen essence is light and mild with serenity. Her singing module is melodic and dynamic with vim and punch. Her dance compositions are attractive and delightful. Muthu Thranga is candid in her audience encounters. ‘Vasuda’, ‘Sanda Gomman Rae’, ‘Sidangana’, ‘Ihirunu Kiri’, ‘Maeda Gedara’, ‘Sata Kapata’, were some of the television dramas with Muthu Tharanga’s appealing character projections. ‘Prema Parami’, ‘Sewwandi’, ‘Gamini’, were some of the films with Muthu Thranga’s high-spirited character exposés.


Muthu Thranga is one of the most sought stars in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. She has performed as a superb dancer and a singer in many countries. She captivates the audience with her melodic voice always.  Muthu Tharanga is the spotlight in all her presentations.

Muthu Thranga is a celebrity who has stood the test of time. She is esteemed for her simplicity, humbleness, and humanism. Muthu Tharanga is endowed with a cherubic beauty and an affectionate dainty smile, which grip her audience throughout. She is loved, revered, and liked by youngsters, elders alike, as a fan-loving actress.    

Muthu Tharanga offers credit to her parents and immediate family members for their guidance and accompaniment extended extremely for the establishment of her career, as a sublime celebrity.

Muthu Tharanga’s fans are enthusiastically waiting to enjoy her creations more and more in cinematic creations, television dramas, and listen to her chorales on stage and media. 

Anton Narangoda

Photo source: Facebook

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