‘Meeduma Obai’ is a Sinhala Tele Drama shown on Swarnavahini Television Network in Sri Lanka in year 2005.

This drama review will be a flashback obviously for all those who viewed this drama series with enthusiasm and fervor ten years ago. The very purpose of this review is also to refresh minds of those who viewed this drama on television who must have surely enjoyed the story for its theme and beautiful presentation. ‘Meeduma Obai’ was mostly picturized in pristine beautiful misty locations in upcountry in Sri Lanka, which provide a serine background for the storyline and scenarios to be fascinating and gorgeous. The story is woven around an extremely kindhearted and a compassionate young physician, endowed with supreme human qualities.

‘Meeduma Obai’ episodes are available on Internet also. The story will captivate emotions of all viewers. To refresh minds of all who saw the drama, and to inspire those who have not yet seen the series, the full story is described below:
Dewmini is a medical student, studying in the university with the intention of becoming a doctor. She comes from a highly rich family.

Dewmini’s father is a wealthy businessman and maintains a high profile in society. The family lives in luxury. Dewmini lives with her father, mother, and her younger sister and younger brother. Dewmini is different from other members in the family. She prefers a simple lifestyle to extravagant luxury, and always manifests her sensitivity to the poor, needy, marginalized and downtrodden. The classmates of Dewmini in the university plan an excursion to hills, purely to relax and recreate. Her colleagues organize the trip. Dewmini shows her hesitations to join the crew. Still she is persuaded by her friends to join the trip.

Buddinatha is a notorious nasty cruel thug with an evil rowdy outlook. He is also studying together with Dewmini. He is after Dewmini, pestering her all the time, disturbing Dewmini’s freedom, and her serenity. He becomes a pest to Dewmini. Buddinatha’s father and Dewmini’s father had known each other since school times, and have become good family friends. Dewmini’s father and Buddinatha’s father are rich businessmen in society. Both have agreed on a marriage proposal -that is to give Dewmini in marriage to Buddinatha, who is not at all worthy to be a partner to Dewmini. Dewmini does not like Buddinatha at all. Knowing very well about this arranged marriage proposal, and agreement between two fathers, Buddinatha always harasses Dewmini and pressurizes her to join him all the time everywhere. Dewmini rejects his indecent proposals and movements and tries to avoid him as much as possible, which Buddinatha just cannot tolerate. He always reminds Dewmini about their proposed marriage arrangement. Dewmini always shows her displeasure about this ridiculous marriage proposal.

Dewmini’s colleagues’ set-off on the planned outing. Dewmini also joins the team. Still she enjoys herself with a limit, being very polite and refined. Buddinatha is after her, always trying to manipulate her to join him, disturbing her freedom. Dewmini hates such attempts. Dewmini is standing beside the main road. Buddinatha comes and tries to drag her to himself. Dewmini hastily tries to escape him. What happens next is dreadful. While Dewmini is escaping Buddinatha across the road, she is suddenly knocked down by a motorcyclist, riding along the road. Dewmini screams with excitement. At once Buddinatha pounces on the cyclist and beats him brutally. Dewmini gets up and shouts to stop the assaulting, as the cyclist was not wrong. Buddinatha does not listen to Dewmini, but continues hitting the cyclist endlessly. Finally the cyclist falls to the ground motionlessly with fatal injuries. All are stunned with the scene. Fearing they will be seen, all evade the place in the van, despite Dewmini’s pleadings to stop the vehicle. Dewmini is dragged to the vehicle by others. A man from the village sees the incident and chases behind the vehicle. But the vehicle speeds and disappears. The motorcyclist was an innocent mild young gentleman coming home after an interview. His name is Daminda. Dewmini hesitates to move further, because an innocent man was unjustly victimized and smashed.

She shouts and gets the vehicle stopped, but to no avail. All give up the trip and come home. This incident haunts Dewmini all the time. She becomes impatient. All try to cover up the scene. Following day the news breaks-up. The incident appears in newspapers. The Police are after the culprits. Dewmini becomes anxious and learns that the victim is brought for treatment to Colombo. Dewmini rushes to see him, despite Buddinatha’s objections. Dewmini rejects Buddinataha’s appeals to justify the matter. Dewmini visits the victim, and learns who he is and all his whereabouts. She meets Daminda, the victim’s parents. But she does not reveal to them who actually she is. The incident troubles Dewmini all the time. The incident haunts her every moment. Daminda does not know these happenings. Time passes thus.

Dewmini receives her appointment as a doctor. Her first appointment is to a place in upcountry. She takes delight about it, as she likes upcountry a lot. Parents are happy about her new profession as a doctor. Buddinatha and his father and mother too congratulate her for her success. Buddinatha’s father is of the opinion that Dewmini work somewhere in Colombo. Dewmini does not approve his opinion at all. She tells him that it is to poor and the needy and helpless that she wishes to serve with commitment, as a physician, and that is why she is very much pleased about her new place of work. Buddinatha’s father states that the wedding engagement between Dewmini and Buddinatha also could be fixed at this moment. Dewmini totally rejects this idea and tells all, her mission ahead and the desire and determination to serve others and also to engage in further studies. She shows her indifference to Buddinatha who has become a pest to her all this time. Buddinatha wants to accompany her to her new workplace. Dewmini boldly refuses his invitation.

Dewmini assumes duties as a new doctor in a beautiful location in upcountry. All are pleased with her arrival. There she comes to know Kanthi, a young nurse working in the same place. She gives her fullest cooperation to Dewmini. On the first day itself Kanthi tries to prod her memory, after seeing Dewmini!! Dewmini‘s appearance seems very familiar to Kanthi. She tries to recall hard. Kanthi tells Dewmini that she had seen her somewhere before!!

Kanthi realizes that it was in Colombo that she had seen Dewmini before, when she went to see injured Daminda there , after the brutal assaults executed by nasty Buddinatha. Kanthi was perfectly right in recognizing Dewmini!!! Dewmini too had tried to visit Daminda there, as she was deeply grieving over the incident.

Kanthi recalls the incident and tells Dewmini that she may have seen her when she went to see Daminda. Kanthi describes as to how a vehicle hit Daminda and escaped without being noticed to evade the scene.
Hearing this, Dewmini gets excited and nervous. She asks Kanthi whether she knew Daminda. Kanthi then tells her that it was her husband Mahinda who rushed him to hospital. Kanthi tells Dewmini that Mahinda ran after the vehicle to note down the vehicle number, but had missed it due to its speed. Dewmini tells that she also saw the news in a paper and went to help him, but never met him thereafter. She anxiously asks Kanthi about Daminda. Kanthi tells Dewmini that Daminda’s house is close by, and she could send a message, asking him to come.

Dewmini’s father and mother journey to visit Dewmini at her new workplace. Dewmini welcomes them with gladness. All are happy about Dewmini’s transfer and her workplace and its vicinity in the beautiful hill country.

Kanthi accompanies Dewmini to Daminda’s house. Daminda’s father and mother come to greet them. Kanthi introduces Dewmini to Daminda’s parents Daminda’s parents recognize Dewmini and were pleased to see her. But they do not meet Daminda, as he was out of home by this time. When Daminda is told about Dewmini and her visit, he is puzzled. He seems ignorant of a friend by the name of Dewmini. His parents are also puzzled because Daminda does not seem to remember a friend by the name of Dewmini, who had visited him all this time. Daminda once again tells his father and mother that he did not have a friend in the university by the name of Dewmini!!!

Daminda’s father and mother remind Daminda how Dewmini had been very much courteous about Daminda after the incident, and how she was concerned about him. They ask Daminda to visit her and express thankfulness for all what she had been to him, following the brutal incident. Daminda too accepts what was told and goes to meet Dewmini to thank her, with inquisitiveness.

Daminda meets Kanthi at Dewmini’s workplace. Kanthi recognizes him. Daminda thanks Kanthi for helping him after the assault. He says he is thankful to Mahinda for helping him all this time. Daminda learns from Kanthi that Dewmini is in her residence. He walks towards Dewmini’s residence.

Daminda sees Dewmini arriving at a distance. Damnida is stunned with horror and bewilderment at the first sight itself. He gets confused. Daminda’s memory prods in a thrash!!!!!! Oohhhh!!! …..who is THIS????? Daminda panics. Immediately his mind is drawn back to his horrendous experience when he faced a beastly attack!!!

Face is very much familiar!!! Instantly, echoes of endless screaming of this familiar face haunt him. Was this not the very girl who made every attempt with excitement to save and rescue him, when he was brutally attacked by a beastly man??? He is fully lost and confused, seeing Dewmini!!! He becomes nervous and excited. Daminda approaches Dewmini and introduces himself to her with lisping!!!

Daminda tells Dewmini that he has a vague reminiscence of her, but is unable to make sense of it!!!! Dewmini tells that she was also studying in the same university!!!!

Daminda leaves the place. He meets Mahinda. Mahinda recognizes Daminda and recalls the horrendous incident. Daminda tells Mahinda that he met Dewmini. He in surprise recalls the brutal assault and his vague reflections of Dewmini’s presence at the scene, a girl who ceaselessly shouted to stop the beating. The two faces are identical. Daminda cannot make sense of it. He tells that after the attack, he remembered only the fading image of this girl, whom he had just met as Dewmini. Mahinda is astounded. He concludes that Daminda could be right in his guess. Mahinda tells that perhaps that was the reason as to why Dewmini was so anxious to help him. But Daminda and Mahinda are still uncertain about Dewmini’s involvement in the incident. Daminda becomes restless. Tensions haunt him. He visions the past incident and hears in echoes the loud wailings of a particular girl at the incident whose face resembles the very doctor he had just met!!!

Daminda wants to verify this mystery. He goes in search of doctor Dewmini. He meets her and tells her that he is confused, and wanted to verify this mysterious puzzle. Dewmini confesses all what happened and pleads guilty for it. She reveals her presence in the group when the crime was committed. She expresses her complete remorsefulness for what took place on that day. She shares with Daminda how she grieved over the incident, and the traumas she underwent, following this unacceptable event. She expresses her helplessness and begs pardon. She tells that it was this reason that provoked her to have her first appointment in this locale. Daminda tells that Buddinatha assaulted him as if he was hitting an animal. All these create a great impression and a deep reverence in Dewmini about Daminda and his sincerity. She becomes very courteous to Daminda. Dewmini learns that Daminda is redundant. He was going for interviews and even on the day of the incident, he was coming home after an interview. Hearing Daminda’s helplessness, Dewmini is moved with compassion. She promises to find a job for Daminda. Daminda is surprised. Kokila, her friend, comes to spend time with Dewmini in her residence in upcountry just to give her company. Dewmini tells Kokila about her meeting Daminda.

Dewmini tells her that she would find Daminda a job.

Dewmini soon finds a job for Daminda in Colombo. Dewmini visits Daminda’s residence with Kokila to tell him about the new job found. Daminda is overwhelmed for Dewmini’s concern and courtesy. Daminda’s father and mother are also happy and are thankful to Dewmini for her kind-heartedness.

Daminda begins his new job in Colombo in a big company. He is well accepted there. Dewmini visits Daminda in Colombo one day. Dewmini and Daminda meet at a café. Suddenly beastly Buddinatha arrives at the scene and plays havoc with envy and anger. He tries to seize Dewmini. She rebukes him and leaves the spot with Daminda. Angered Buddinatha also leaves the cafe, with a plot to destroy Daminda. He goes to Daminda’s workplace and meets the boss there and tarnishes Daminda’s image revengefully. Daminda is immediately dismissed from the job on the word of Buddinatha. Dewmini hears about Daminda losing the job unjustly.

Damida comes back to his village and spends time, thinking of finding a job. Dewmini comes in search of Daminda and talks to him. Daminda tells Dewmini about his intention of beginning a small business in the tea industry, that is to collect tealeaves and send them to factories for tea production. Dewmini becomes happy with Daminda’s intention. Daminda tells Dewmini that he is hoping to borrow some money to begin his new trade, as he does not have sufficient money in hand to invest on the new business. Daminda tells Dewmini that he may need about five hundred thousand to start with. Dewmini asks him not to be in debt. She promises him to help with money he is in need of. Daminda is surprised with Dewmini’s unconditional generosity. Dewmini on a home visit tells her father about the intended tea business with the intention of requesting money. Dewmini requests money from her father under the pretext of helping her closest friend Kanthi’s husband Mahinda, who does cultivation as his occupation. Dewmini’s father virtually agrees to provide the money she wanted and wishes to know as to who will take up the responsibility of the enterprise. Dewmini tells her father that she too will partly monitor the business.

Daminda’s parents too are surprised with Dewmini’s goodwill and readiness to support Daminda to begin the new tea business. They show their indebtedness to Dewmini. Daminda is overwhelmed by sincere generosity of Dewmini. Dewmini advises Daminda to start the business as he wanted and assures her assistance always. Dewmini tells Daminda not to trouble himself about returning the money back.

Thus the new business begins. Dewmini tells Daminda as to how she requested money from her father under the pretext of helping Kanthi and Mahinda, Kanthi’s husband.

With an amusement she requests Daminda, Mahinda and Kanthi to pretend as if Mahinda is the proprietor of the new tea business – a light trick played out of generosity to help someone in need!
Daminda begins the business together with Mahinda, his friend. The business becomes prosperous and popular soon with the help and blessings of Dewmini. Dewmini’s father too visits the estate and witnesses the flourishing tea business. He is also happy about it, but does not know who the real owner of this business is. Dewmini and Daminda meet often and discuss about the business. Dewmini always encourages Daminda to handle the business with determination. Daminda’s parents too encourage Daminda in all what he does to develop the business. In the process, Daminda’s father buys Daminda a lorry for business work. Daminda is surprised with his father’s gift. Mahinda is also very much happy about Daminda having a lorry for their business work. Daminda and Mahinda go to meet Dewmini in the new vehicle. She too is delighted with Daminda’s enthusiasm to do the business work well. Daminda and Mahinda draw plans to establish their tea business well. Meantime Daminda hears about a tea factory in the area to be sold. The factory is situated in a beautiful location. Daminda is moved with an idea to purchase this tea factory to develop his business further.

Daminda shares his idea with Dewmini. She is also pleased with Daminda’s idea and encourages him to proceed with his intention. The factory is very expensive. Still, Dewmini persuades Daminda to go on with his idea, and assures that she would help him always. Daminda is overwhelmed by Dewmini’s insightful inspirations and her generous thoughts. Dewmini and Daminda decide to visit the factory and its owner. The owner is very pleased to welcome them and tell about the factory to be sold. His family is abroad, and he too wants to sell the land and move elsewhere. The owner tells his willingness to support Dewmini and Daminda, with the misunderstanding that they are a new couple! Dewmini tells about this tea factory and its bungalow to her father and motivates him to purchase it to continue the ongoing business well.

Meantime Buddinatha acts viciously. He tries to trap Dewmini’s sister. He tries to cheat her, telling that he is interested in her too. Dewmini’s sister is caught up in a dilemma. She goes with Buddinatha to clubs and parties. She somehow joins Buddinatha in these outings with an amount of hesitation. Buddinatha learns from Dewmini’s sister that Dewmini is engaged in a tea business in upcountry. With puzzled and envious thoughts, Buddinatha rushes to the estate where Dewmini is. He arrives at the estate and looks for Dewmini. While going in search of Dewmini, Buddinatha sees Dewmini and Daminda together in the estate. Furious Buddinatha goes mad after seeing the incident and questions Dewmini with rage.

Dewmini does not care him, which leads Buddinatha to be furious. He threatens Dewmini to get into his vehicle. She vehemently refuses. Dewmini threatens him back, saying that she would call the Police. Daminda tries to save Dewmini, and is rebuked by Buddinatha. A quarrel begins instantly. Daminda tries to resist Buddinatha for his violent move, but Buddinatha runs and escapes. Dewmini is tensed of what happened unexpectedly. Buddinatha becomes furious with Daminda and wants to destroy him. He gives a contract to few thugs in the area to assault Daminda and make him lame.

Buddinatha goes to the workplace of Dewmini and furiously forces her to reveal whether she is in friendship with Daminda. She refuses to respond to Buddinatha and warns him to quit the place immediately. He leaves the place with rage. Buddinatha goes home and tells his mother that Dewmini is engaged to a boy in upcountry. His mother with frustration informs her husband about what Buddinatha told about Dewmini. Buddinataha’s father tells Dewmini’s father about what he had heard about Dewmini. Dewmini’s father is puzzled. He shares this news with Dewmini’s mother. They decide to visit Dewmini in upcountry to verify whether this news was true.

Daminda and Mahinda move together for their business work. In Mahinda’s absence one day, Buddinatha’s hired thugs assault Daminda. Mahinda suddenly rushes to scene and fight with them. The attackers run. Daminda is wounded. Dewmini tries to reason out the reason for this assault. Mahinda too is after the culprits. Suddenly in the bazaar, Mahinda recognizes the culprits with a person known to him, who undertook the contract to assault Daminda. Mahinda gives a chase and catches him and threatens him to reveal the person behind the assault. Trembling with fear the person reveals the name of Buddinatha.

Buddinatha is annoyed by his friends for being rejected by girls, despite his threats. Angered Buddinatha rushes home and forces his parents to arrange his marriage with Dewmini soon!! His father assures that he will work out a plan to get Dewmini transferred to Colombo, to create a background for the planned marriage.

Daminda and Mahinda fear the consequences of the trick being played by them, changing names, if the truth comes to light. They plead Dewmini to resolve this deception lest they fall into trouble. Dewmini promises to do so. Dewmini’s father and mother visit Dewmini. Dewmini tells her father how Buddinatha panicked her at her workplace with threats, unethically. During this visit, Dewmini confesses her father that it was to Daminda that she helped to begin the tea business with goodwill.

Dewmini’s father with a lenient feeling mentions that he knew what went on. They all visit the factory. Daminda and Mahinda are introduced to Dewmini’s father and mother by Dewmini. They visit the estate bungalow to be sold and are pleased about it.
Dewmini intimately addresses Daminda with kindheartedness. Daminda gets excited at times. He is amazed with Dewmini’s innocence and highest human qualities and her sincere movements.
Dewmini and Daminda frequent each other in friendliness. Many around them gradually develop speculations about their evolving friendship. Mahinda and Kanthi are also speculative about the friendship between Dewmini and Daminda, and try to ascertain the depth of it. They try to picture that as an affair, but with uncertainty.

Events move pleasantly. Suddenly Dewmini is given a transfer letter, which she had never expected. She is transferred to Colombo, which she never desired. She is grieved by this move. She tells kanthi about the transfer and she too is perplexed about it. Dewmini goes to meet Daminda. She tells Daminda about her unexpected transfer with depressed sentimentalities. Daminda emotionally expresses his inner sentiments and says that missing her will be deeply felt by him more than anyone else. Dewmini is bewildered with Daminda’s feeling and distressed reaction on her sudden transfer, which she never expected!! Dewmini’s colleagues bids farewell to her with sad feelings, and offer their salutations to her for being so good and kind to them always.

Dewmini comes on transfer to Colombo with deep sadness, having to leave Daminda, and her loved companions, colleagues, and innocent estate workers, villagers and a peaceful working environment. She is full of nostalgic feelings. Her father and mother are happy to have her at home. Dewmini in isolation falls into reflections at home. She cannot reason out the cause of her nostalgia. Dewmini’s sister observes the difference in Dewmini’s behavior. She chats with her and shares her observations. Dewmini expresses her feelings about time spent in upcountry. Dewmini shares with her sister the sense of loneliness she is experiencing. Dewmini’s sister asks her about Daminda and her friendliness with him. Dewmini tells her how Daminda was unjustly persecuted by Buddinatha. Dewmini tells her that all what she wants to do is to help Daminda. Still she shares the feeling of her loneliness after leaving upcountry, which she is unable to fathom. Her sister calmly interprets those sentiments as affection, to the surprise of Dewmini!!

Daminda badly misses the company of Dewmini and is down with sorrow. He is reminded of Dewmini and all what she spoke with him all this time. He is distracted often by the reminiscence of Dewmini. Her words echo in his mind. Mahinda too notices this difference in Daminda’s movements. Mahinda approaches Daminda and shares his observations. Daminda and Mahinda recall Dewmini and how they miss her now. Daminda tells Mahinda that he would visit Dewmini whatsoever.

Dewmini too is upset to have missed Daminda. She reflects about Daminda a lot, with nostalgic feelings. Dewmini telephones Daminda and expresses her sentiments, and asks him to visit her. Daminda agrees to visit her. Meantime Dewmini realizes that there was some conspiracy behind her sudden transfer. Dewmini’s father and mother too are puzzled with this mysterious transfer.

Buddinatha with his father and mother, visit Dewmini’s house. Dewmini comes to meet them with hesitation because her mother forces her. Buddinatha’s father reminds about the marriage proposal between Dewmini and Buddinatha. Dewmini boldly disagrees and rejects the marriage proposal. Buddinatha accuses Dewmini and tells that she has been trapped by a rowdy and that was why she dislikes the proposal. Dewmini while condemning Buddinatha’s accusation vehemently reminds him that it was his actions that paved way for all happenings. Dewmini’s father and mother apologize for what happened. Dewmini’s sister confesses that Buddinatha came after her also to befriend, and her time spent in fear. Dewmini’s father and mother speak about what happened, actually justifying Dewmini’s stern decision. Their guess is that Daminda was the reason for this move of Dewmini, but with uncertainty.

Daminda visits Dewmini at home, at her humble request. Dewmini’s mother is bit anxious about this happening. Dewmini and Daminda meet personally outside home. Dewmini affectionately expresses her sentiments towards Daminda. Daminda considers himself a sinner in that case, had he had indecent thoughts about Dewmini. She with reverential affection proposes Daminda to make a wise decision. Dewmini expresses her affection to Daminida. Daminda expresses his total subservience to Dewmini, unconditionally.
Dewmini tells her mother that she likes Daminda. Mother does not refuse Dewmini’s intention instantly. She deeply thinks of Dewmini’s desire and happiness. Dewmini’s father too eventually heeds Dewmini’s intention. Dewmini’s father, mother, and sister, express happiness about Dewmini’s choice to marry Daminda.

Dewmini wholeheartedly thanks her father and mother for approving her decision. Dewmini tells her father, as to who was behind her sudden transfer. To his surprise, Dewmini tells that it was Buddinatha’s father who had planned this transfer to move her from upcountry!!!

Daminda back in the estate shares with Mahinda what Dewmini told him. Mahinda too is happy. But Daminda becomes indecisive with Dewmini’s proposal. Mahinda too is happy about Dewmini’s move. Mahinda tells Kanthi, his wife, about Dewmini and Daminda, and their relationship. Kanthi and Mahinda are happy about Dewmini’s preference to take Daminda’s hand in marriage.

Dewmini and Daminda arrive at the tea estate after their wedding ceremony. They are grandly welcomed by the estate workers. They pledge their fullest support to the new couple. Kanthi and Mahinda too speak about Dewmini and Daminda and their coming together in marriage. They visit the new couple at their bungalow. Time passes thus. Dewmini as a doctor, volunteers to serve the medical needs of estate workers. Daminda also helps Dewmini.

One day Daminda receives a phone call while at office. The call was from Buddinatha!!! Daminda responds very gently. Buddinatha talks on a business transaction. Daminda welcomes Buddinatha to the factory. Dewmini is also told about Buddinatha’s visit. Buddinatha visits the tea factory with a friend. Daminda and Dewmini invite the visitors for a meal.

Time passes thus. One day Daminda gets a phone call from Buddinatha. Daminda tells about the call to Dewmini. Dewmini cautions Daminda to be watchful when dealing with Buddinatha!! One day Dewmini goes marketing. At the market premises a man inside a car watches her!! Dewmini is not aware of this snooping. Dewmini drives home. The car too follows her strangely. Dewmini arrives at her residence. The car too comes to the residence and stops. Once she is inside home, the man in the car comes out!! He is notorious Buddinatha, having followed Dewmini to her residence!!! Buddinatha sneakily enters Dewmini’s house, under the pretext of meeting Daminda in his absence!!!

Daminda comes home by this time. Before entering home he is stunned and terrified with what he sees. He is petrified to see Buddinatha inside the house talking to Dewmini!!!! With this awesome scene, Daminda feels desperate and abandoned. He leaves the place immediately. Dewmini with horrific tension tries to call Daminda through phone. But the phone is not answered. Dewmini trembles with tension. Daminda comes home at night with desperation. Dewmini welcomes him.

Daminda becomes reflective with anxiety. Daminda quietly asks whether a stranger visited the house. Dewmini says no! Daminda tries to verify. Dewmini’s answer remains the same!! In a thrash, Daminda becomes exasperate. He screams and wails and tells what he saw!!! Dewmini tries to express herself. But Daminda in frustration rushes out and disappears. Dewmini with loud cries tries to prove her innocence. Daminda goes amok, feeling deceived!! In utter confusion and frustration Dewmini writes a letter to Daminda in which she writes about Buddinatha’s visit to the house and the life threat he executes to kill Daminda, if she refuses to accept Buddinatha!! Dewmini says how she preserved her respect, and faithfulness to Daminda, amidst threats and violent moves of Buddinatha, and how Buddinatha threatened her to keep what happened as a secret.

Following day Daminda returns home in fear and anxiety to find Dewmini missing!! He is horrified. Dewmini was missing from home. He sees the letter written by Dewmini, describing everything that happened with Buddinatha. He becomes helpless and perplexed. Immediately he rushes with remorseful feelings to search Dewmini. He drives hastily. Next what he sees is terrific!!! At a distance he hears a blast. He sees a railway crossing where people are gathered, just after a crash- where a train collided with a vehicle. Daminda verifies the scene, to hear a vehicle hit by a train just then, with a lady inside the vehicle. Daminda sees Dewmini rushed from the vehicle!!! He screams in loud cry and rushes to where Dewmini worked. He is fully lost.

Daminda enters the place. For his surprise, he sees Dewmini safe and sound continuing her work. Daminda calms down and comes back to his senses. Dewmini suddenly sees Daminda and approaches him with receptiveness. Daminda apologizes for misunderstanding Dewmini. Dewmini accepts Damanida and tells him that she has been always faithful to him, and always keeps a ways from sin. Then itself Dewmini is informed that a person had been brought with injuries after a motor accident, and her presence was immediately wanted. Dewmini tells Daminda about it and rushes inside to see the victim. Immediately Dewmini sees the victim with fatal injuries!! The victim was Buddinatha after all, severely injured in an accident!!! Dewmini is surprised to see helpless and fully damaged Buddinatha. She goes and accompanies Daminda. He too is shocked to see Buddinatha with injuries. Fading and diminishing Buddinatha sees Dewmini and Daminda and mutters pardon for all what happened, where the story comes to an end!!!

Meeduma Obai -
The moral of the story is that wicked deeds and evil intentions will one day end up in evil itself. Wickedness will invariably end up in retribution. Those who are prone to evil will certainly have evil consequences and will perish in the face of the just and innocent. After all it is the just that will always have blessings in abundance. Goodness will always defeat sin and evil. Even nature will not have any mercy on evil, and the sinful. The desires of the wicked will lead to doom and destruction and will be vanished from earth irrespectively. That is what the beautiful story of ‘Meeduma Obai’ reminds the world.

Evergreen classic star Manjula Kumari magnificently pours her sparkling spirit into the entire story, with her natural spellbinding sensations, transforming ‘Meeduma Obai’ into a memorable drama series, playing the lead role with Sanath Wimalasiri. The whole credit goes to Manjula Kumari for her fabulous acting in ‘Meeduma Obai’.

Chithra Warakagoda, Rex Koddippili, Nilanthi Dias, Vishaka Siriwardena, Janith Wickramage, play other pivotal roles in the story. Music score was composed by Jananath Warakagoda. ‘Meeduma Obai’ has two nice songs.

Meeduma Obai
I fully endorse the sentiments expressed in Amarnath Paul’s letter published in The Island of 31st July 2006. The cameraman deserves praise. The cool background bereft of any music and the young friends remaining in silence unable to speak, hiding their feelings and the mist engulfing them is soothing to the eye. There is a peaceful atmosphere throughout barring a few scenes. A special bouquet to the young lady doctor for her simplicity, serene facial expressions!
The misty background is a specialty which we who have enjoyed in our youthful days in the hills of Sri Lanka, relish.

Our family members who see both Tamil and Sinhala tele dramas are fed up and have stopped watching most tele dramas going on and on for weeks for months if not years. They are full of violence––bloodletting, stabbing in the back (literally and figuratively), rape––hypocrisy, deceit etc.

What are such tele dramas conveying to the society at large?

It is surprising that responsible and respected TV channels telecast such third rate tele dramas, which are fit only for the garbage dump.
Are we to gather that the directors and producers of such thrash are mentally deranged? In these turbulent days, when we like to have an half an hour of soothing relaxation ‘Meeduma Obai’ is ideal and stands out as a class. Congratulations and thank you. Let more and more artistic works like it be produced for the benefit of the public!

Meeduma Obai: Beautiful!
A bouquet to the creator of the tele-drama
M e e d u m a O b a i , Mr. Sanath Abeyasekera. It began its run recently on Swarnavahini. It stands out amidst other local dramas for its exotic camera work and the storyline.

Above everything else, I was enthused by the way the director has handled his love scenes, with soft hands and extraordinary brilliance. A blossoming romance is captured with graceful and seemingly spontaneous expressions and gestures. A catchy musical score and cultured dialogue give boost to the romantic settings. Stellar performance by Manjula Kumari and her co-star energize and charm the viewers. A totally different experience, in comparison to the usual run-of-the-mill love scenes. There is class here.

I hope this will catch the eye of someone from the crew or cast of this lovely drama, so that they would know, there are ordinary people like me, who are eager to appreciate and acknowledge their dedicated effort. Well done, and more strength to you, Sir! ‘Meeduma Obai’ received high praises from a vast range of viewers. Some rave reviewers had appeared in papers also. Two opinions are cited here for all to know how the drama had touched the emotions of its viewers.

Anton Narangoda

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