Amuthu Rasikaya – denotation - ‘Fanatic Fan’ (It is difficult to have the exact literal translation with the same nuance).

Amuthu Rasikaya – television drama on Rupavahini is of a different genre, remarkably with a deviation from ordinary, common, usual, at times staled, boring, monotonous, immoral, sentimental dilapidated horrified themes and storylines.   Amuthu Rasikaya has been scripted on a novel theme, with attention focused on ordinary masses unnoticed in society, their lifestyles, interests, setbacks, emotions, struggles, helplessness, and simple harmless recreational patterns. 

The story is woven around a youngster guised as a vagrant, obsessively attracted to the prettiness of a young actress, losing senses whereby to encounter a sequence of horrendous events.      

The drama has mystery, curiosity, humor, loosely connected reminiscences of Sri Lankan film history, and subtle remarks on setbacks of the present-day film industry.   

To cite few main characters, popular superstardom, Suraj Mapa with his unique acting prowess plays the role of a guy at the threshold of his middle age, still a bachelor, along with an odd appearance, modelled as a character of inferiority, covertly flirting with an idea to befriend his love interest. A man bogged down in book writing as a self-imposed writer with a nonsensical impression.  

Charming star, Manisha Chanchala portrays the character of a virtuous tenderhearted young daughter of a simple family. Her sensitivity and art of enactment bring limelight to the entire drama. 

Renowned actor, Roshan Piliapitiya plays the role of a hardworking parent, laboring tiresomely for the wellbeing of his family, hiring himself as a chauffeur of a lorry owned by a rude man of meanness. His acting is commendable.  

Promising actor, Sanjaya Muramudali, with his remarkable acting prowess, plays the main role in the drama as ‘Amuthu Rasikaya’.  Amuthu Rasikaya introduces a novel actress in the main role. She is Taniya Perera.    

The drama is in its early episodes yet. Still it has had a catchy start with centric dramatic essence.   

The story concept is from Saddhamanagala Suriyabandara and the script computerization is by Tissa Wijesundara. Drama direction is by Sivagurunadan. Music score is by Kapila Poogalaarchchi.  

Anton Narangoda

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