WiFi Hacking Wireless Penetration Testing for Beginners

  1. Welcome and Course Overview

Welcome this Introduction to Wireless Hacking class.

In this class we gone cover a-z deferent wireless network cards and how you can hack them.

We gone start by talking about deferent wireless networks including wireless networks likes:

  1. 11 a
  2. 11 b
  3. 11 g
  4. 11 n
  5. 11 ac

We gone talk about both spectrum 2.4 Ghz and the 5.0 Ghz spectrum.

And then we gone a talk about deferent type of encryptions used. Both WEP and WPA and the latest encryption method of WPA2.

Finally we gone move in to some practical parts which we go through actual CRACK WEP and WPA true networks and so you how you can break that encryption and why wireless is an insecure medium for the most part.

As we go through this course you gone learn not only just theory and book answers, but you also learn some practical hands on tips on this course.

We gone use Kali Linux as our wireless hacking platform and using Alfa Network Card (Alfa AWUS036ACH AC1200) that we can used for the packet injection. So that we can go through and perform some attacks that we wants on these live networks.

Now I know you gone enjoy this class, so let go and move on to get started.


  1. Installing Virtual Box

In this lesson we are going to download and install Virtual Box. Now I’m going to do this in Mac Book Pro but it is much easier in Windows machine.

Now first thing is need to open your web browser. In here I’m going to use Google Chrome. And you gone go to virtualbox.org ones you get to Virtual Box you gone click on “Download Virtual Box 5.1” and then select operating system you have. If you are Windows click Windows host and I’m going to used OS X host which is for Macintosh.  

And you will notice that it gone a start downloading. Now ones finish downloading you gone open it up form download folder, I’m gone hold my web browser so that you can see it easily. Now the disk image is mounted we gone open up VirtualBox.pkg file which is the install file. Just do that by double clicking it. If you are using Windows, you can do this by double clicking on your install or setup files.

And then you should gone through the software installation wizard. And that’s it, now you have Virtual Box in your applications if you used Macintosh. If you used windows you can find it on your programs.

  1. Installing Kali Linux in a VirtualBox - Coming soon.....







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  • Kandiyah Dinesh Kumara

    Kandiyah Dinesh Kumara - Sunday, 21 October 2018

    He Guys, I'm Waiting for your comments to go forward with this lesson.

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