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WWW.PCWORLD.LK is Sri Lanka's No 01 and best Computer science E-Magazine website since 2012.


The website provides computer science and information technology information via Articles, Images, Videos, and more in a variety of categories such as ComputersPhonesSecurityGames, and Electrical.


Website authors published lessons about most of the computer science and other current trending subject matters in the "How to" section. This website also provides psychological positive thinking and personality development lessons in the "How to" section.


WWW.PCWORLD.LK Website provides its contents in major languages used in Sri Lanka. Users of PCWorld.LK can use any internet-enabled device to access PCWorld.LK website information.


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If users are not connected to the internet, uses can subscribe to the PCWorld SMS Alerts service to receive a PCWorld website news alert via SMS. PCWorld SMS Alerts service support all major SMS providers in Sri Lanka. Such as DialogHutchSLT-MobitelAirtel, and Etisalat services. Users can subscribe to the PCWorld SMS Alert service by using the following methods.


Innovations and Inventions

If you want to read up on the latest innovations and inventions, subscribe to PC World online technology magazine. This magazine features many stories about current topics in science and technology. You can also find articles about the best books, music, and movies of the year. It is the ideal place to find out about the current trends in gadgets and how they have an impact on our lives. Subscribe today to get the best in electronic information.


Hottest Gadgets Reviews from Experts

The PC World online technology magazine also deals with the hottest gadgets in the market and the hot new gadgets that are being launched. It covers everything from the latest news about the hottest gadgets and their reviews to the best ways of protecting your gadgets from damage. Many of the gadgets cover everything from a mobile phone to a digital camera to fitness equipment and medical devices. Whether you are looking for an alternative to traditional magazines, this online publication has it all.


Experts Opinions on Hardware Devices to Softwares 

You can also find information about the best places to buy your favorite electronic items online. In the review, you will discover information on the different operating systems and how they work. You will learn the differences between the two operating systems and how each one can make your life easier. The blog gives in-depth information on the different types of devices available and how users can get the most out of their devices by combining them with certain software programs.


Hottest News Updates on Smart Phones

The Android Market is a very large collection of both paid and free apps that provide the most recent technology professionals with the tools to create wonderful apps for the masses. In the latest Technology Today podcast, the authors discuss what it is like to work at Google. They discuss the differences between free and paid apps, how their system works and how the apps store works. This podcast is full of great information for those who want to create amazing apps that will be compatible with the current operating systems as well as future versions of Windows and Mac. This podcast also takes you behind the scenes to learn how the apps developers work and go about creating these products. This is a very entertaining listen that provides detailed information about the apps Google has to offer.


In-Depth Information on Technological Trends

An additional PC World Online Technology Magazine review can be found in the Online Business News category. This particular publication provides the latest technology trends, in-depth reviews of gadgets, and information on new trends that are constantly being developed. The author of this publication explains why he feels that there is such a demand for this type of publication. He believes that the best publications are those that provide in-depth information on trends and newly developing technologies. The author provides real-world examples of where new gadgets are transforming lives and how people are saving thousands of dollars every month as a result. This publication provides detailed information on trends in health care, business, energy, electronics, computers, and more. Thus, check out PC World Online Magazine that has more info about the best tech magazine.


Bonus Features of PC World

A bonus feature found in many of these online publications is product reviews. Product reviews allow users to find the top products on the market based on their personal needs and wants. In addition, it gives details on the most recent trends and the newest gadgets that have been released. Product reviews can be found by simply searching for the name of the publication or company. Thus, check out this link that has detailed info at


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This SMS alerts service will charge Rs 30 + Tax per Month from your SIM card.

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